IMAP Backup Tool

Advanced software to back up all your mailbox emails and data from IMAP server. This tool supports popular IMAP-enabled platforms e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo, Amazon Workmail, Webmail, Hotmail, AOL, G Suite, Godaddy, Yandex, Zoho, HostGator, etc.

  • Efficiently backup and restore your IMAP data with all its attributes.
  • Option to extract and backup specific attributes of your IMAP data.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows OS including Windows 11 (64-bit).
*Free download is just for evaluation purposes and only converts a limited number of data files (up to 10 messages).
IMAP Backup Tool Box

Why Choose DataSkorpio IMAP Email Backup Tool?

DataSkorpio IMAP Backup Wizard is found to be one of the best software applications available in the software market for the smooth backup extraction from any mail client. With this application, you can take a backup from any of the mail clients, whether it's cloud-based or desktop-based. Although, it offers multiple files option to export files i.e. EML, PST, and MBOX format. The best part of this tool, it comes out with a demo version that lets the user check the working and interface of this tool.

IMAP backup tool extract options

Extract Specific Attributes of Your Data

IMAP Backup Tool lets you selectively extract mailbox attributes of your choice. The attributes are as follows

  • Attachments
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Contact Photos
  • Associated Email & Phone Numbers
IMAP email backup tool export options

Backup IMAP Emails in Popular Formats

Not just popular file formats but the IMAP Backup Wizard also allows you to export your data in document formats. In addition, you can also directly back up your IMAP mailbox data to desktop & web email services.

  • File Formats: MBOX, PST, EML
  • Document Formats: PDF, TEXT, vCard, CSV, HTML, ICS
  • Desktop & Web: Gmail, IMAP, Office 365, Thunderbird, IMAP

IMAP Backup Wizard - Prominent Features

Top-Rated Utility by Professionals to Backup IMAP Emails From Multiple Email Clients.

Backup your Complete IMAP Mailbox

The IMAP backup tool allows you to back up your entire IMAP mailbox without any hassle. This software is capable of efficiently backing up and restoring all your emails along with attachments, contacts, calendars, etc. This tool can identify and add your mailbox of any IMAP server. It supports all the popular email clients including Outlook, Hotmail and other 100+ IMAP email accounts. Thus, you can back your IMAP mailbox with this tool in an efficient and reliable manner.

Backup your Data in Different Formats

This amazing IMAP email backup tool provides multiple different formats for you to back up and export your data in. You can save your data in any popular file format or document format. Moreover, this software is also capable of backing up your data directly to another IMAP-compliant program. The multiple file formats this tool supports include PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML, CSV, ICS, vCard, and Text. The email clients that this tool supports are Thunderbird, Office 365, etc.

Maintains File Structure & Hierarchy

This incredible IMAP Backup Wizard guarantees to keep the folder structure and hierarchy of your IMAP mailbox data intact. It maintains the hierarchy as it was before uploading the data into the DataSkorpio email backup tool. Moreover, this software ensures 100% data integrity. So, you can back up your data using this tool without any worries.

Preview Emails in Different Modes

This IMAP Backup tool provides you with multiple different preview modes to preview your emails before you back them up. Upon loading your data into the software, you can preview it in different preview modes. The different modes include Content, Message Header, Hex View and Raw Meaasage. You can view any of your selected messages in the preview mode of your choice.

Filter Emails with Search Settings

The IMAP Email Backup Tool provides two different search settings for filtering through your mailbox: Quick Search and Advanced Search Settings. In the Quick Search setting, you can search for a specific keyword and the tool will filter and display all the emails containing that keyword. The Advanced search setting lets you can search for information on the basis of Subject, Name, CC, etc. and other different email fields.

Proficiently Add your IMAP Account

Using this software, you can effortlessly add your IMAP account to this software. You simply have to add your account credentials to add your account to this software. Worry not as this tool does not save your account credentials. Moreover, if you do not have the credentials, then you can use the ‘find’ option to simply enter the port number and then the software automatically adds your IMAP account.

Perform Selective Backup of Your Data

With the IMAP Backup Tool, you can effortlessly back up selective mailbox items of your choice. You can simply execute this selective migration using the extract option of this tool. With that option, you can simply extract and backup your email addresses, phone numbers and attachments.

Utilize Advanced Options Before Saving

Furthermore, this magnificent IMAP email backup tool also provides you with several advanced options before you proceed to save your IMAP data in your desired format or email service. The advanced options include Delete Old Folders, create empty folders, skip greyed out folders, open folder after export is done and include email headers.

Rich & Interactive GUI

This IMAP Mail Backup Tool possesses an interactive and easy graphical user interface. This feature helps all kinds of users that utilize this tool. It makes it easy for users to navigate through the utility to back up their IMAP data. Everyone especially novice and non-technical people appreciates this feature a lot.

Compatible with Windows OS

This expert-favourite software is compatible and relevant with versions of the Windows operating system. It doesn’t matter if you use the latest or older version of Windows on your device, you can use this tool without any hassle.

DataSkorpio IMAP Backup Tool - Working Steps

  • Step 1

    Run the IMAP Backup Tool

  • Step 2

    Preview your data files in different modes

  • Step 3

    Apply the data filters and export

Run IMAP Mail Backup Wizard
Add Files
preview imap data
Export Otion

Client Reviews - DataSkorpio IMAP Mail Backup Wizard

I am not a very technical person. So, I was a bit skeptical about using an automated tool to back up my IMAP mailbox. However, this IMAP Backup Tool has an incredibly easy-to-use graphical user interface. It made the entire process easy and stress-free. I am extremely impressed with this easy-to-use interface for all users’ convenience. I will highly recommend this tool to everyone, especially novice users.

Jake Miller

Jake Miller

This IMAP Email Backup Tool was recommended to me by a colleague. Since then, I am incredibly impressed with all the extraordinary features that it provides for its users. This magnificent tool is literally a gem to back up your IMAP mailbox data and that too, in an efficient and safe way. It maintains folder hierarchy and structure and ensures 100% data integrity. I totally understand why this tool is a favourite of many users.

Schmidt Winston

Schmidt Winston

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Common FAQ's for IMAP Backup Tool

You can easily backup your entire mailbox using this tool. Simply follow the given steps:
  • Download and Run the IMAP Email Backup Tool
  • Click on the Open button on the top left and select Email Accounts then Add Account
  • Upon uploading the data, the tool will generate a preview of your data files in different modes
  • Click the Export button and select the option of your choice
  • Apply the data filters and click Save to initiate the process

The DataSkorpio IMAP email backup software is compatible with all editions of Windows OS. Thus, regardless of which version you use, you can download and use this utility on your device.

Yes, the IMAP backup wizard can back up and convert data of any IMAP-complaint email program. So, you can do that without any worries.

Indeed, this incredible tool supports and allows selective backup and extraction of specific data of your choice.

As soon as you add your account to this tool, it will display your data folders on the software window. From there, you can select any email message and preview it in any of the options provided.

The demo version of IMAP backup wizard allows 10 items per folder. This tool is also available for free download. Moreover, if you want to back up more than 10 items then, you can upgrade to the paid version of this tool to avail all the benefits without any restrictions.

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