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Best Methods to Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST Using Manual and Automatic Tool

Jeason James | Published: 2022-03-10T11:19:57+00:00| Email Converter | 7 Minutes Reading

In this blog, we’ll show you how to use the eDiscovery export tool and the Office 365 Backup Tool to export Office 365 mailbox to PST files. Users can export mailboxes to PST Office 365 using any of the techniques listed above.

Working emails are one of the most crucial things that a user receives throughout the day in an organization or any other business. These emails contain the most important information and the majority of the informative and useful content. As a result, it should be saved to a personal folder that allows for simple access to the email data. When there is a lack of internet access or when server connectivity suddenly slows.

It is critical to export the Office 365 mailbox to PST files in order to avoid any errors. The eDiscovery or DataSkorpio Email File Converter Wizard automatic tools can be used to complete this process.

3 Simple Methods to Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST

The eDiscovery export tool and the automated tool are both available in the manual and automatic procedure to complete the export Office 365 mailbox to PST operations. To start the Office 365 to PST conversion, learn both ways one at a time.

The manual approach necessitates extensive technical expertise in order to complete the procedure. Otherwise, a layperson could become easily confused in the middle of it.

Users should be aware that they are using these manual methods at their own risk. They may become confused during the manual operation if they lack technical understanding. We strongly advise you to utilize an automated tool to complete the process in the safest and most secure manner possible.

Method 1: Using the Content Search Method Export O365 to PST

To export all mailboxes out of MS Office 365. We first need to create a Content Search that will store all the mail of the specified user. Using the eDiscovery Export Tool, we can export the mailbox to a PST file.

Take note

The eDiscovery Export Tool can only be downloaded using the Edge browser.

The eDiscovery Export Tool can be downloaded and used with a Chrome or Firefox browser extension that solves this issue.

Chome : Meta4 ClickOnce

Firefox : Breez ClickOnce

1. Open the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center
2. Create a new Content Search
Select the Content Search option in the Solutions options
Then click + New Search Option

3. Enter the Name and Description
Provide your content search with a unique name and description so that you can recognize it. This will help you later to identify the correct content search.

4. Select Exchange Mailboxes
In the next Location window, Turn Exchange Mailboxes on and select Users, Groups, or Teams.

5. Select the Mailbox to Export
The next step is to click the mailbox that you want to export. Click or search the correct user and hit on Done
And select on Next to continue to the Conditions.

6. Leave Conditions Empty
So we want to export the complete mailbox, So we can leave the conditions empty. Just click Next.

7. Complete the Content Search Options

Finally, in the end, review your Content Search and then select Submit to start it.
Select Done to close the New Search Screen.

8. Wait for the search to be completed
It can take a couple of minutes for the content search to complete depending on the mailbox size. In the Content Search scene, wait for the status to change to Completed. (You may need to refresh occasionally to see the latest status)

9. Import Office 365 Mailbox into PST
Select on the Content Search that we have just created
Click Actions
Pick Export Results

10. Export Options
You can now select what and how you want your mailbox exported.
– All items, even items with unrecognized formats…
– Export Exchange content to PST files, one per mailbox.

Start the export by clicking Export

11. Download the Office 365 export mailbox PST file
Again, it can take a few moments for the download file to get ready.
– Open the Export tab in the Content Search Screen
– Click the Export job to view the status

Method 2: Export PST from Office 365 by Using eDiscovery Method

1. Start by login into the Exchange Admin Center using the credentials of your MS Office 365 account.
2. Then click Permissions >> Admin Roles >> eDiscovery Management

 Permissions >> Admin Roles >> eDiscovery Management

3. Within Discovery Management add mailbox import-export tool, press + icon to add yourself, and select on Save

Discovery Management add mailbox import-export tool


4. Go to the Admi Center > Compliance Management > in-place eDiscovery and hold.

Admi Center > Compliance Management > in-place eDiscovery

5. Create a new search query by clicking on the + icon, entering the name and description of the search query, and pressing next.

in place ediscovery

 In-place eDiscovery & hold wizard

6. Then, under mailboxes, select an option based on your requirements.
7. Then, provide details about the search for search within the search query and click next.

search query

8. Do in-place hold of search items in the in-place hold settings.

9. Visit the Compliance management, click it, and select the arrow button to export the Office 365 mailbox to PST. The next step is to download a PST Export Tool in order to migrate the PST.

download a PST Export Tool

10. To save the exported PST File, search for the path in the eDiscovery PST Export Tool, Hit on start to begin the process.

pst export tool

11. Complete the process by entering your Office 365 credentials. Close the window after the process is complete.
12. The PST File can be easily accessed by adding it to your existing Outlook profile in MS Outlook.

Limitations of This Method

  • This process is very long as compared to other methods, naive users fail to complete this process.
  • Required 100% concentration on the process to complete it perfectly.
  • This method doesn’t allow you to selectively export the Office 365 mailbox to the PST process.
  • The user must be Technical strong to perform this complete eDiscovery method.

Method 3: Export Microsoft 365 Email Data to PST by Using Expert Tool

Use this Email File Converter Tool without worrying about long procedures. In just a few simple clicks, this software allows you to convert your Office 365 mailbox to a PST file.

Steps to Export Mailbox Data to PST File

Download this expert tool to complete the Office 365 to PST Export process.

Purchase Now Download Now

1. From the above button, Download and launch the tool in your system. To start the process click the Open button.

select Open
2. Add Office 365 mailbox by clicking the Email Account > Add Account option.

email account and add account
3. Now the Email Account credentials screen will pop up, in which insert the Office 365 email id and password and click Add.
4. After clicking the “ADD” option, the screen will display Office 365 mailbox in the tool’s panel.

preview emails
5. You can select the desired mailboxes from the left side panel to export by clicking on the Export option. Then select PST from the drop-down list.

select pst
6. In the end, select the Save option in the PST Export Options Window.

select save

Why Do Users Prefer This Tool to Office 365 to PST Export?

  • Create Individual PST File for Each Folder: This option enables you to create single PST files for every folder from the Office 365 account. Or you can disable this method if you don’t require it.
  • Browse Destination Location: Users can save the exported Office 365 emails to PST files in their desired path. This option will help you to manage your Exported PST files in your computer system.
  • Create Empty Folders: This option provides you to remove creating unwanted empty folders from the Export Office 365 mailbox to the PST process. If you disable this option then you wouldn’t find any empty folders in your resultant data.
  • Include Email Headers: If you enable this option then your O365 email contains email headers along with the email content body.

Author’s Suggestion

In this blog, we covered all the possible methods to Export Office 365 mailbox to PST. Users can use the manual approach to complete the migration without any worry. The manual method takes too long time to complete but on the other hand automatic tool starts and finishes the process in a few minutes.