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Best Google Takeout (archive) Converter to export takeout files into multiple file formats.

  • Directly convert the Google takeout zip folder into various email file formats
  • Convert Google Takeout data into multiple document files
  • Double option to insert takeout (archive) files into the tool’s preview panel
*Demo edition of Google Takeout Data Converter Wizard is just for evaluation purposes and allows to convert limited number of data files and folders (up to 10 messages).

Why Choose DataSkorpio Google Takeout (Archive) Converter?

DataSkorpio Google Takeout Converter Wizard is a superordinate software to convert multiple google takeout zip folders into multiple file-formats i.e., PST, EML, MBOX, HTML, PDF, CSV, TEXT, and so on. Moreover, the advanced algorithm of this utility enables you to export Takeout (archive) files into Outlook directly, Office 365, Thunderbird, IMAP, Yahoo Mail, and so on email clients directly.

Convert Google Takeout Files to Multiple Webmail Clients

Convert multiple Takeout Data Zip files to varioues webmail clients

Easily Migrate Batch Google Takeout Data to Microsoft Office 365 Account

You can use our sophisticated Google Takeout Converter to convert Takeout data files to a Microsoft Office 365 account without having to use admin credentials.

Perfect Way to Export Google Takeout Data to Gmail Account

You can effortlessly import your Google Takeout data into your same Gmail account with the entire file and folder structure with this tool.

Import Google Takeout File Data to Mozilla Thunderbird

This tool is the only one that connects directly to your Thunderbird account without the need to install Thunderbird.

Google Takeout Email Data Converter – Works With Multiformats

Smart Solution Works With Takeaway Files

Convert Google Takeout Files to PDF File Format

Google Takeout zip folders can easily be converted to Portable Document Format. Batch conversions can be performed while retaining all email attributes.

Best Way to Convert Google Takeout to Outlook PST

A Google Takeout file can be converted into an Outlook PST file using this tool. The file can also be directly imported into your Outlook profile.

Know Why Google Takeout Not Working

Google Takeout has failed plenty of times in the past. However, read this post to find out how to fix the problem.

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Techniques to Extract Google Takeout Files using Takeout Extractor

To extract Google Takeout email data directly, use this Google Takeout Converter that allows to extract data in required format.

Want to Send Google Takeout to iCloud Account?

With the Windows operating system, users may easily convert Takeout data into their iCloud account without any hassles. All they need is an Apple ID.

Google Takeout Data Converter Key Features

Understand the best Google Takeout Converter advantageousness

Convert Bulk Google Takeout Files

This utility enables you to convert bulk Google takeout zip folders at once. Without worrying about the file size. The advanced algorithm of this tool comes up with a smooth and fast conversion outcome.

Multiple Preview Alternative

The advanced algorithm of this utility offers you multiple preview modes with some forensics sections also. You can easily preview Google takeout files content in the Message Header, Raw Message, Hex View, Content, and so on modes.

Various File Naming Options

This Google takeout converter provides the users to save the resulting files in various formats. With this tool, users can easily store email data like From-Subject, From-Date-Subject, Year-Month-Day-Hour-Minute-Second-Subject, Message-AutoIncrement, and Unique-Hash-Id. Or you can also choose a custom naming option.

Keeps Mailboxes Structures

This tool holds the file structure and folder hierarchy throughout the Google Takeout Conversion procedure. This tool provides you the exact result that you maintained in your account without disturbing images, content, hyperlinks, attachments, online signature, etc.

Two Fold File Selection Option

This Google Takeout Converter enables you to choose the single google takeout files to convert into any file format. Or can choose a multiple Google Takeout folder to convert the bulk files into the desired file format or can easily export to any IMAP supported email clients.

Microsoft Windows Based Application

This application is comfortable running on any Microsoft Windows version. You can easily operate the Google Takeout converter on Windows 11, 10, 8, XP, Vista, and all the previous operating system versions. It does not matter what version of Windows you use. This tool can easily be workable in any windows OS.

DataSkorpio Google Takeout Data Converter Software - How it Works

  • Step 1

    Install Google Takeout Converter

  • Step 2

    Preview & export selected items

  • Step 3

    Advanced Filters & Export option

Add Files
Add Files
Export Selected
Export Otion

Google Takeout (Archive) Converter Wizard Client’s Review

"I am glad to use this Google Takeout Converter Tool” This utility helps me a lot to convert Google Takeout files and folders into the other email client-supported file formats. I used this tool multiple times and I can say that it’s worth the money.

Chris Kimona


This expert automatic solution is the ultimate package for all types of email conversion solutions. I found this application that provides me with multiple advanced options along with various file formats. Thanks, the DataSkoprio team to provide us with such an amazing application.

Willium Andrew


User's Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the below-mentioned steps to convert Google Takeout data into the desired file type.
  • Start the tool after installation and run it in your Windows os
  • Click on the Open button after that the tool starts
  • Then select the Email Data Files option and click Google Takeout filesfrom the drop-down option
  • After that, choose the files and foldersoption from the provided list
  • Browse the Google Takeout files or folders from your system
  • Then click the Export option and select any desired file type that you want to convert as
  • In the end, select the Save option as mentioned in the export options window

Yes, this tool is very powerful to convert your tons of Google Takeout files or folders at once smoothly.

Yes, this tool can easily import Google Takeout emails to your Gmail accounts directly without losing the information.

Yes, Google Takeout Convert enables you to add advanced filters to specify the emails and can easily convert that selected data.

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